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SFDC strongly believes that Justice, Peace and Development are closely interlinked and cannot exist without each other. For lasting Peace we need sustainable Development and social Justice. We know that where development fails the seed of violent conflict and injustice is sown that bears the fruit of suffering for the poor and marginalised people, especially for the women and children of Adivasis, Dalits, OBCs, minority communities. We also believe that peace has both external and internal dimensions. The internal dimension of peace is called Spirituality which generates virtues to lessen sufferings, which in turn helps bring social Justice, lasting Peace and sustainable Development.

We want a peaceful and progressive society to evolve where there is solidarity for all human beings and there is ecological balance that ensures Physical, Mental and Spiritual growth of everybody by sharing the Earth equally now and keeping it sustained for eternity.
Solidarity for Developing Communities endeavors to build peace, communal harmony and spirituality among the men and women of Adivasi, Dalit and other communities through a process of development intervention and non-violent conflict transformation within a broad framework of sustainable community development approach.


September 5th: Teacher’s Day-2016 All the Human Harmoniser’s studying in KSRC (KarunaShanti +2 Science Residential College) and KSCC (KarunaShanti Coaching Center) invited their teachers and elders on this day. They also celebrated

CHSE Result of KSRC for the Session 2013-2014 This year for the session 2013-2014, 66 HH appeared the CHSE final examination out of which 27 passed out in 1st Division, 31 passed out in 2nd Division and 6 passed out in 3rd Division.

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Human Harmonizers Programme
The Human Harmoniser Programm (HHP) was initiated in the year 2003 with the support of
Late. Ms. Onesta Carpene of Apsara Foundation, Italy and later by Misereor, Germany.

The objective of the program is to provide higher education to poor but bright Adivasi, Dalit, OBC and Minority students to become professionals who aspire to work for their own villages and communities to bring transformative changes after completing their professional studies. They are known as Human Harmonisers as they are expected to grow physically, mentally and spiritually in a balanced manner. As they grow they will influence others by their thought and actions by which they will bring transformational changes within and outside their own communities.
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